Street Blogger And Model

The reason why I started with Instagram was my passion for photography and traveling. After a while I came into contact with fashion brands and agencies, so I turned my passion into my profession. The world of brands is my home now and I am always open for new things.


As many of you, I love it to explore new things and to see the world from various perspectives. On my journey around the world I have the possibility to capture such experiences with my camera. Whether I see beautiful landscapes or striking structures all my visual highlights embrace the world I know. 

My artwork aims to embrace contrast, structure and expression. Simplicity and complexity alternate.  

My travel shots are a play of colors, embracing beauty and freedom. Landscapes and urban details harmonize. 


One of my major hobbies is composing and producing music. The style of my work is often very close to the latest charts because I analyze those songs and combine variations of different themes.


Not every piece of music I compose can be categorized as pop. Most  of the time I compose music pieces, so there are often themes without lyrics. Those pieces have the style of fashion runway music.

Film Scoring

The best movie of the world is nothing without the score. The score is the most recognizable part of a film and also the most complex one. Classical instruments meet certain expressions  and emotions.